Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yom HaZikaron: Day of Remembrance

The Price Paid:  As we remember those who have fallen defending the State of Israel, let us also remember one - Gilad Shalit - who is still held in captivity.

In remembrance of the fallen:

And to remember Gilad Shalit, proposes the Gilad Shalit test for the newly-unified PA-Hamas Palestinian government:
Few know for certain where the tacit truce between Hamas and Fatah will lead. Some view it as an inevitable step of internal reconciliation towards stable statehood. Others warn of radical Islamist ramifications. Time will tell, but one initial indication will be the Palestinian tandem’s decision concerning Gilad Shalit.
. . .
Now, with the new joint Hamas-Fatah venture, Gilad’s fate is also in Fatah’s hands. If Palestinian President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas insists on the matter, Shalit can be back home by week’s end. His continued stay in captivity will clearly show who truly is in charge of the new Palestinian conglomerate. This is a basic test of leadership.
Who is in charge?  We know Who.  May the Redeemer of Captives speedily redeem Gilad Shalit.

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