Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Israel Wave Your Flag!

Independence Day 5771:  This year, Yom HaAtzmaut is celebrated on the 6th of Iyyar - Monday night May 9th and Tuesday May 10th.  In Israel, and increasingly outside in חו''ל, the day before Israel Independence Day is set aside to mourn those who have died defending the State of Israel.

The practice of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on Yom HaZikaron - Israel's Memorial Day - immediately before celebrating Israel's independence has always appealed to Abq Jew.  Combining the two observances is psychologically fulfilling and emotionally uplifting, in sharp contrast to the American practice of separating cause from effect to create another long weekend.

When you are ready to celebrate, please enjoy this new video from - the same folks who gave us Google Exodus.


What?  You never saw Google Exodus?  Too tired from dancing all night to click the link?  OK - enjoy and rest up.  Freedom!  Independence!  Home at last!

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