Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A Birthday At Rust

Hey, It Could Have Been Worse: Abq Jew here reminds his loyal readers (who, of course, do not need to be reminded) that it was just about eight (8) years ago that Abq Jew turned 64 (see For Vera, Chuck & Dave).


Remembering that day and those years, Abq Jew had planned to present (about four weeks ago) an updated repeat of his August 6, 2015 blog post Those Were The Days. Oy.

Man Plans God Laughs

Instead, Abq Jew had the opportunity urgent need to avail himself of the delightfully upscale (in every sense of the term), life-affirming health facilities at Rio Rancho's deluxe, relatively new

Rust Medical Center
Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

As Abq Jew reflects on what he has (and has not yet) accomplished during his 72 trips around the sun, he keeps in mind what his father, Richard W Yellin, of blessed memory, would have said: 

More Mad About Mozart

"When Mozart was your age, he had been dead for 37 years." 

Queen Elizabeth II

And then, while Abq Jew's health was improving - slowly, steadily, day by day - Britain's revered monarch Queen Elizabeth II (lehavdil) died. 

In whose honor Abq Jew now presents Jerusalem (see July 2018's Jerusalem, England for the extensive backstory) and - of course - God Save the Queen.

King Charles III

God Save the King

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