Wednesday, March 11, 2020

In the Time of Coronavirus

Got the Hill Street Blues? Like all of you, Abq Jew is praying that the current COVID-19 outbreak doesn't get any worse than it already is.

And preparing for the worrisome possibility that things will get worse - here in the US, and even here in New Mexico - before they get better.

 From Our Governor:
Today the New Mexico Department of Health and I have announced three presumptive positive cases of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, the first cases in New Mexico, all travel-related.
The state Department of Health has been preparing for this day for weeks now. I will reiterate that New Mexicans can take preventative actions to protect themselves and mitigate the potential spread. 
We will address this public health challenge together..
(855) 600-3453   Coronavirus Hotline

In this novel coronavirus. we Jews face (at least) a double-whammy.
  1. We're being advised to stock up on food and other life-saving materials just when, pre-Passover, we're trying to eat or otherwise dispose of as much of our existing stash of chometz as possible.
  2. We have no idea how much dear (which is to say, non-cheap) Passover food to buy, since we don't know which of our friends and family - if any - will be brave enough to fly - or even walk - to our Seders.
And we should not forget that there are many patients among the Orthodox communities of New York City. Let's keep them in our prayers.

In the meantime, as we Jews should be thankful that our tradition calls for a lot of hand-washing (although without soap). And that we're not flying through Prague's Franz Kafka International Airport.

Welcome to Franz Kafka International Airport!

Happy Shoeshine Purim!

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