Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Folk Music Revival

A Complete History in Three Sessions: Do you remember, way back in October 2011,when Abq Jew posted about The Reduced Shakespeare Company (if not, see Rejoicing Again) and their 97-minute condensation of all 37 of The Bard of Avon's imputed works?

Well, Abq Jew remembers. And is proud to announce that OASIS Albuquerque is about to do something rather similar for The Complete History of the Folk Music Revival in America (Abridged). Or, as the wise OASIS folks have decided to call it,

A Making Music Workshop 
The Folk Music Revival in America
Fri 4-11-18 March 2016 @ 10:30 am - #85
Instructor: Amy Gillespie

What It Is: During this three-part series, learn the basics of music making with a group while playing our instruments and singing the music of folk ensembles from the 40s to the ballad singer-songwriters of the 60s. Bring your banjo, fiddle, guitar, ukulele, voice (and music stand) and come enjoy the experience of playing music with others in a relaxed and sharing environment. All experience and skill levels welcome. Materials fee of $3 payable to instructor for music book (cash or check). Limited enrollment.

Amy Gillespie has been active in the music community in Albuquerque since 2000. Her choral experience includes the UNM Chorus, Las Cantantes Women's Chorus and Polyphony: Voices of New Mexico. Amy has a BA in contemporary music and is currently completing advanced studies in musicology. She has facilitated guitar classes for UNM Continuing Education and ensemble sessions through Guitar Associates of Albuquerque, where she has been a managing partner and teacher since 1995.

How, Abq Jew hears you ask, can we sing and play The Complete History of the Folk Music Revival in America (even Abridged) in just three sessions?

Here is how Abq Jew would do it. (Instructor Amy Gillespie may do it differently.)

Session 1
Woody, Pete, and The Weavers

Session 2
Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Peter, Paul & Mary,
Tom Paxton, The McGarrigles, The Chad Mitchell Trio

Session 3
Everybody Else

Everybody Else includes, of course, everybody else. Some of us were born during The Folk Music Revival; others of us were mere teenagers then. Most of us are still living it.

Are you one of us? Come join in!

Here is Connor Zwetsch to help you think about it. Never heard of her? She is one of the newbies, not one of the oldies. Her website says
Florida-bred in true 90s form, Connor Zwetsch was raised on the warm singer/songwriter anthems and pop mania that colored the era. It was in these formative years, in artists such as Matchbox 20 and New Radicals, that Connor first found a sense of belonging. 
Nowadays, Connor’s unique niche as a solo artist is defined by a sound laced with nostalgia and shaped by a back-porch songwriter’s honesty with a penchant for catchy, upbeat melodies.

Keep the tradition going. Keep the tradition growing.

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