Thursday, September 18, 2014

Screens from a Survey

What to Expect: Yes, Abq Jew announced way back in February (see Jews Don't Count and Pew, Feh, Ich, Yich) and reiterated on Erev Labor Day (see Starting to Count Jews) that

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico has commissioned
the first ever scientific study to determine the community’s demographic composition, assess current needs of
Jewish residents, and plan for the future. 

Well, it's now official. If by some chance you were not among those fortunate few (or fortunate many - Abq Jew doesn't really know) to receive a phone call from the Survey in the last couple weeks

It is now up to you to take action by clicking here
and completing the online questionnaire.

And if you were looking for it - here is the official Survey invitation.

Once you click here or there or on any graphic in this blog post, you will be warmly welcomed to the Jewish Demographic Survey of New Mexico.

The Survey gets down to tachlis pretty quickly.

How important is being Jewish in your life?

Abq Jew knows how he would answer that question, because that's how he answered that question. But he is not going to tell you, because all individual answers to the Survey are completely confidential.

It nevertheless goes without saying (although Abq Jew is saying it) that

The general or aggregate results will be shared
with all synagogues and Jewish organizations in New Mexico
to help better serve the needs of our people.

No, Abq Jew is not going to show you all the Survey's questions. But he is going to show you this one, especially for its suggested responses, of one of which he is particularly proud.

Thanks for the shout-out, JFNM!
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Abq Jew would like to report that 

There are sizable cash rewards for completing the Survey.

But there aren't. All you get is this screen.

And the screen should be enough, although a T-shirt would be better. After all, your honest answers will

help to create a better understanding of Jews in New Mexico  - our age and gender structure, place of residence, education level, migration patterns, affiliation and conversion rates.

Mazeltov & Bracha!

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