Friday, September 12, 2014

Golem @ ¡Globalquerque! 2014

Golem Rocks: Abq Jew is pleased to announce that the klezmer-rock band Golem will be performing at this year's ¡Globalquerque!

¡Globalquerque! presents Golem
National Hispanic Cultural Center
Saturday September 20 @ 6:00 pm

And just to let you know -
Klezmer-rock band Golem was founded by Annette Ezekiel Kogan in New York City in 2000. 
Since then, the band (Annette Ezekiel Kogan, Aaron Diskin,Jeremy Brown, Curtis Hasselbring, Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, Tim Monaghan) has become a leading re-interpreter and innovator of Yiddish and Eastern European music, pushing tradition forward into the 21st century.  
Golem performs nationally across the United States and internationally, in clubs and festivals in France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Mexico.
After a self-released album, Homesick Songs (2004), Golem released two albums, Fresh Off Boat (2006) and Citizen Boris (2009) on the independent Jewish label Jdub Records.

Their new release, Tanz (2014), on the prestigious Mexican label Corasón Digital and produced by Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu, marks a conscious move into new territory, with mainly original material.
The album was released to great critical acclaim, and was reviewed on the NPR program "Fresh Air."  
Golem's music has been featured in several films and documentaries from the U.S., Germany and Russia, and most recently the band performed on an episode in season 4 of the hit television show, "Louie."  
Golem is known for its virtuosic musicianship, theatricality, humor and fearless wild energy, combined with a boundless love of tradition. 
Golem is “not your father’s klezmer band, unless of course your father was Sid Vicious” (Jewish Week).
Want to know what Golem sounds like? Here is a sample:

If you're thinking of a more
traditional way to pass the evening -

And don't forget -

Shabbat Shalom, Albuquerque!
Good Shabbos, New Mexico!

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