Monday, April 6, 2020

It's Pesach 5780!

Passover Is Almost Here: A time when we used to gather with friends and family, to celebrate our Holiday of Freedom.

This year, Pesach will be different.

Abq Jew's friend Jacob Richman (formerly of Brooklyn, now of Ma'aleh Adumim) reminds us:

The coronavirus is a serious matter,
but sometimes humor can relieve the stress.
Refuah shleima (get completely well)
if you have the virus or are in quarantine.

In spite of everything - what would Passover be without videos? Abq Jew here thoughtfully provides seven (7) of the newest - made especially for 5780's Days of Matzah (aka Pesach). And one more (maftir), just for luck.

OK ... some of them were just made for "this season" - but they can help cheer us as we approach our holiday.

Want to see Abq Jew's three (3) classics? They're here too!

1. A family from Kent who shared a video of their living room performance of a lockdown-themed adaptation of a Les Misérables song have become a sensation online. Ben and Danielle Marsh and their four children changed the lyrics of One Day More to reflect common complaints during the Covid-19 lockdown. They say the video, which has gone viral, was intended to give friends and family a laugh during this stressful time.

2. The Sound of a Pandemic! Don't worry, Maria and the Von Trapplings know how to deal with it! The song is not intended to be taken seriously - I made it to humour myself and am quite blown away at the following it's got over such a short time. No, wine is not a cure for the virus. Neither is whinging or blobbing (real words.) No, they're not good at social distancing in the video - it was released in 1965. Stay safe and in your bubbles - greetings from New Zealand.

3. The Fab Four have "come together" to remind us that CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES! To learn when and how to wash your hands, click here.

4. More Beatles - Yesterday (Lockdown A Capella Version)

5. Stayin' Inside - Corona Virus Bee Gees Parody. Stay inside and wash your hands! Hope everybody is staying safe, and staying inside!

6. When life hands you lemons ... what do you do? Well, the obvious answer is: Record, shoot, mix and edit a full cover for the Friends Theme Song with new and funny lyrics that matches the current situation!  So everyone, let's all make some lemonade!

7. We’re All Home Bound- the Corona Virus Song

8. Now for something completely different: Vin Scully calls Kirk Gibson's full at-bat that finishes with a legendary walk-off homer during Game 1 (October 15) of the 1988 World Series. Ah yes, Abq Jew remembers it well.

Good things can happen, even in the darkest of times.
We just have to wait for the right pitch.

As promised - Abq Jew here thoughtfully provides three (3) of the classics. You're welcome!

1. Google Exodus: Best. Passover. Video. Ever.

2. Passover Rhapsody: Second. Best. Passover. Video. Ever.

3. The Passover Prank. Best. Passover. Prank. Video. Ever. For parents who (especially) miss their kids on Pesach. Who know that Skype and Zoom are never enough.

As the Seders approach, Abq Jew must remind us all (he must! he must!) that Good News, Salvation and Comfort are just one (1) Pesach visitor away.

?אחד מי יודע
Tonight Could Be The Night!

At our Pesach seders
we Jews have been opening our doors to Elijah for thousands of years.

We still believe that Elijah the Prophet will return tonight
and announce the Coming of the Messiah.

When that happens, our first question will be:

Did Elijah remember to send out a press release?

If he did — you may learn the Good News in a few days or weeks.
But you can always hear about Salvation and Comfort at &
Your guide to Jewish life in Albuquerque and beyond

A Zissen Pesach, Albuquerque!
Chag Kasher veSameach, New Mexico!

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