Friday, September 16, 2011

Jessica & Dov's Wedding: Report 3

That's Amore!  Here we are, back with another report about Jessica & Dov's wedding.  In many ways, the wedding was just like Broadway's Jersey Boys - great music, with every step expertly choreographed.

Did Abq Jew mention the music?  No, the Dancing Chusids never showed up.  But the string trio played Elvis and The Beatles, and the DJ was very good.

More importantly - Dov & Jessica created a great playlist.  A couple of horas to get us all dancing, of course.  Then Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline ( dah, dah, dah), as well as that traditional Jewish Wild Cherry melody Play That Funky Music, White Boy.

The DJ also played Dean Martin's That's Amore - one of Abq Jew's favorites.  Must be the Italian part of the family - like we have one.

Anyway - enjoy!  And here are a bunch more wedding photos, courtesy of family friends Brett Climan and Justin Vandow.

Notice how carefully Jessica is watching Dov stomp on the glass very carefully?

This is truly a match made in heaven!  But as Jason Halpin - Dov's Best Man, and a great guy in his own right - mentioned to Dov at the celebration roast - Jessica, may G-d bless her,  makes her living cutting people up (has Abq Jew mentioned that she's a surgeon?), usually while they are asleep. 

Abq Jew hasn't spoken with Jessica or Dov since we returned to New Mexico.  But we have communicated via the Bank of America website.  The wedding gift checks have been deposited.

Mark Leveene, another old family friend and recent FOB, has [reportedly] described the duties of the FOG (Father of Groom) thusly: "Pay up.  Shut up.  Show up."  Yep.

One further note:  Abq Jew thought he was as happy as could be at his own wedding.  But that was wildly surpassed by the joy of escorting his son to the chupah!

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