Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crypto-Judaism in Literature and Art

Isabelle Medina Sandoval and Diana Bryer:  Isabelle Medina Sandoval and Diana Bryer will present

Crypto-Judaism in Literature and Art
Nahalat Shalom @ Sunday 11 Sep 2011 @ 2:30 pm 
Connections, collaborations, conversations, and creativity! 

Solidifying two decades of friendship based on the subject of Crypto-Jews before it was a hot topic, Isabelle Medina Sandoval and Diana Bryer formed a soulful interest in depicting authentic creative expression about the descendants of Crypto-Jews in New Mexico. 

Isabelle’s family originates from the Mora Valley, and she is a descendant of Crypto-Jewish families.  Her poetry and writing reflect her ties to northern New Mexico. 

Diana Bryer, an accomplished artist known for her vibrant colors and borders, came to New Mexico in 1976 from Los Angeles. A descendant of Eastern European Jews, Diana was drawn to the Jewish ambiance of New Mexico. From her home in Santa Cruz, she hones her artistic talents painting geography, nature, and people.

Diana designed the book covers for Isabelle’s historical novel Guardians of Hidden Traditions and the forthcoming sequel, Hidden Shabbat: Crypto-Jewish Secret Lives

Isabelle and Diana will dialogue about their collaborations and creative endeavors, as they relate to Diana’s paintings on Rosa de Castilla, Tres Hermanicas, Coquetas, and future projects.  

Nahalat Shalom and the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society are co-sponsoring this event.

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