Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jessica & Dov's Wedding: Report 2

Long Island Cowboy: Red Molly performs one song that Dov & Jessica did not choose for their wedding, but could have. Is Dov truly a Long Island cowboy?  Well, no.  His official state of residence has been California, New Jersey, or New York all his life - never New Mexico, not even ... Texas.

And yet, in Abq Jew's admittedly biased opinion, Dov personifies the virtues of the American cowboy - honest and true.  Even if he now hails from Forest Hills.  And Jessica?  She is just extraordinary.

For some odd reason, this is the song that kept playing in Abq Jew's head during his entire wedding trip.  Red Molly certainly got the run, run, run of New York City right.  But there's a limited number of things worth running for.  Many of them cannot be found in The Big Apple - and many of them cannot be acquired by running.

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