Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bring Dem Bums Home!

C'mon, Mr Selig!  Do What's Right!  Tablet Magazine's Marc Tracy offers A Modest Proposal Regarding the Dodgers: How Commissioner Bud Selig can remake his legacy and cement his Jewishness, calling for - you guessed it - the return of the Dodgers from their temporary Los Angeles exile to their permanent home forever - Brooklyn!

Mr Tracy writes to Mr Selig:
You’re retiring at the end of next season. Your last big move as commissioner of Major League Baseball . . . will likely be your recent takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Mr. Selig, you are also a Jew, and therefore probably have an intuitive grasp of the connection the American Jewish community feels to this franchise. 
. . .
Mr. Selig, if you want to be remembered as a hero, you have one obvious move left: Move the team back to Brooklyn.
All those years in Sunnyvale (no, Buffy fans, not Sunnydale) just south of San Francisco - Abq Jew was forced, against his will, to root for the Giants (also traitors to NYC).  Finally, will the universe right itelf?

Abq Jew strongly supports Mr Tracy's principled stand.  Even though he is farther away from Brooklyn now than ever, he is closer to the Dodgers than ever - his Albuquerque Isotopes are the Dodgers' AAA farm team.  And besides - this issue transcends mere geography.  There are moral principles involved!

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