Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unorthodox, He Said

Greetings from Sardinia!  Sardinia is a large island in the Mediterranean. Back when Abq Jew was young (and he was), eating a Sardinian plant was believed to produce facial convulsions as if in a maniacal laughter.  And from this, we have the word
Sardonic:  Disdainfully or skeptically humorous.  Humorously mocking in a cynical or scornful way.  Derisively mocking.  Contemptuously mocking the motives or virtues of others.
Of the many things of which he is proud - especially his humility - Abq Jew is most proud of his commitment to, and practice of, equal opportunity criticism, sarcasm, and sardony.  But only within the bounds of civility and good taste.

In complete violation of the aforementioned, Abq Jew proudly presents this video, uploaded a few days ago to YouTube, and posted by Rabbi Menachem Creditor on Facebook.  Way out of bounds! 

When it comes to mishegas, there's plenty to be found in Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism.  As well as in Reconstructionist and Renewal Judaism.  Plus Humanist and Secular Judaism.  And the Arbeiter Ring / Workmen's Circle. And, for all Abq Jew knows, even the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society.

Abq Jew invites representatives from these and other streams ... torrents ... of Judaism to contribute their own Xtranormal videos.  In the meantime - enjoy!

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