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Spring 2024 @ OASIS Abq

 Great Courses of Jewish Interest

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Abq Jew is pleased to inform you that
OASIS Albuquerque has just announced
their Spring 2024 line-up of classes!
Registration opens on

Wednesday January 3
but you can Wish List your selections now.


Exemplary and beloved and soon-to-be-retired OASIS Albuquerque Executive Director Kathleen Raskob and her staff continue (as always) to bring you new and interesting class offerings, and continue to make sure there are plenty of courses of Jewish interest.

Oasis Spring 2024

This session's courses and instructors include,
but are by no means limited to:

Marx Brothers

Zany World of the Marx Brothers
Wednesday February 7 @ 12:30 - #130Z
Instructor: Dan Sherman
What It Is: The grandchildren of immigrants, the Marx Brothers were stars of vaudeville who easily made the transition to Hollywood as they created iconic characters in some of the funniest movies evermade. We review the life and career of these extraordinary entertainers, examine their influence on comedy, and view clips from some of their greatest films. We also discuss Groucho’s later TV career, including his interviews with Dick Cavett.

Pope Pius XII

Revisiting Pius XIand the Holocaust
Thursday February 8 @ 10:00 - #190
Instructor: Christopher Zugger
What It Is: Using recently published research at the Vatican, Christopher Zugger reviews the role of Pius XII before and during the war. Topics covered include the Nazi racial persecution of the Jews, rescue operations of the Holy See and its diplomats, challenges due to antisemitism in Allied states, and what current evidence now shows. Was Pius XII Hitler’s Pope or a living saint? This part of history is challenging, but fascinating.

Human Rights

The Erosion of Human Rights
Rebuilding Democracy
Monday February 12 @ 10:00 - #124
Instructor: Michael Nutkiewicz
What It Is: Drafted after the defeat of Nazi Germany, the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights was meant to fend off future authoritarianism and illiberal populism. Recently, political parties with undemocratic agendas are making huge inroads into the heart of democracy. Has the world made any real progress in the area of human rights? This question is critical when so many are discouraged by world events and have lost heart. How can we implement durable democratic values, especially here in the United States?

Jewish Gangsters

Jewish Gangsters in the 20th Century
Thursday March 7 @ 10:00 - #158Z
Instructor: Naomi Sandweiss
What It Is: You may know their names — Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, and Lepke Buchalter — or the crimes that they committed. But do you know what motivated Jewish individuals to pursue a life of crime?  Why did the phenomena of Jewish gangsters typically last for one generation? Naomi Sandweiss introduces the Jewish underworld and the social forces that led Jews into the mob. Sandweiss introduces a family member, Sammy the Mustache, and describes his experiences as part of Detroit’s Purple Gang.

Women Westward

Women on the Westward Trail
Wednesday March 13 @ 10:00 - #216
Instructor: Norma Libman
What It Is: Everyone knows about the brave men who settled the West. But in recent years, more and more journals kept by the women who traveled beside them or in some cases, ventured out on their own, have come to light. From these journals, learn the role of women in making the great pioneering journey: packing wagons, cooking, caring for the sick and children, bringing new life into the world, burying the dead, and setting up a home.

Exit Sign

Agnostics & Atheists & Nones, Oh My!
Monday March 18 @ 12:30 - #191
Instructor: Babs Mondschein
What It Is: The religiously unaffiliated walk amongst you. “They” are your doctors, teachers, and mechanics. You probably aren’t aware they are a “None,” but they are. Explore how non-believers define themselves and their “whys.” How are they marginalized? Where do they get their moral compass? Can you imagine losing your community? Having to start over? Discover a world of people you know, yet don’t.


The Jewish Dimension in the Relationship 
Between Lewis Strauss & J Robert Oppenheimer
Thursday March 21 @ 10:00 - #217
Instructor: Jack Shlachter
What It Is: This presentation focuses on the Jewish dimension of the clash between J. Robert Oppenheimer, scientific leader of the Manhattan Project, and Lewis Strauss, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission who led the charge to strip Oppenheimer of his security clearance in 1954. Discover how their opposing approaches to their respective Jewish heritage may have contributed to the revocation.

Jews Secrets Spain

How the Jews Kept Their Secrets in Spain
Thursday March 21 @ 3:00 - #249
Instructor: Norma Libman
What It Is: In 1492 Spain gave all non-Christians (Jews, Muslims, gypsies, anyone who could be defined as a heretic) a choice: leave, convert, or die. Many Jews converted but retained their Jewish practice in secret, risking apprehension for heresy. We look at how the Jews lived their secret lives in Spain attempting to bridge two worlds, and later brought those same secrets to New Mexico and other parts of the New World.

Isaac Unbound

The Power of the Passover Narrative
from Ancient to Modern Times
Mon & Wed April 8 & 10 @ 10:00 - #192
Instructor: Paul J Citrin
What It Is: Paul Citrin discusses how the Passover story has shaped the Jewish worldview, influenced Christianity, and the American Commonwealth. He examines the symbols and liturgy of the Passover celebration. Finally, he provides an overview of the power of the Passover Seder to draw Jews to its celebration who are otherwise secular and to the many churches that hold model Seders. In an age of the disintegration of community, the Passover observance can help us rebuild family and larger communities.

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