Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Honoring Guy Illouz, 26

Murdered in Gaza: ICYMI - the newly-formed Jewish Community Relations Coalition of New Mexico (JCRCNM) hosted a Solidarity Gathering on Sunday, November 26 in Albuquerque. 

That was just after the Israel-Gaza truce began on Friday, November 24. The focus was, understandably, on the kidnapped hostages and - for some - their impending rescue. 

They Are Still There

And you might have missed it. The Solidarity Gathering was an impromptu, ad hoc, "drop-in" event that did attract - Abq Jew's unofficial estimate - about 100 people from all sectors of the community.


JCRCNM Co-Chair Alonet Zarum (Jane Wishner is the other Co-Chair) spoke, calling upon the community to unite over Israel, care for each other, and volunteer. 

The group played Israeli music and sang Hatikvah. Organizer Lea Koshkin (the Gathering was her idea) thanked those who helped spread the word and the organizations which supported the event.

There was a table set up with JCRCNM sign-up forms, Israeli flags, blue ribbons, and Kidnapped by Hamas posters - the type that are being regularly torn down by Israel-haters all over the world.


This is the poster that Abq Jew took home with him. From a stack of (alas) dozens, Abq Jew randomly picked Guy Illouz's Kidnapped poster and brought it home.

Having "adopted" Guy Illouz, Abq Jew (of course) set out to learn more about him, and to (hopefully) track his progress home.

חבל. This is what Abq Jew found out a few days ago. From The Times of Israel:

Israeli taken hostage at music festival on Oct. 7 has died, his school announces

Ra’anana high school says it was holding out hope that 26-year-old Guy Iluz would come home, ‘but today we were informed that he will not return again’

Guy Iluz

An Israeli man abducted into the Gaza Strip during the Hamas terror group’s devastating October 7 attack on southern Israel has died, his high school announced Friday.

Guy Iluz, 26, was attending the Supernova musical festival near Re’im when he was taken by Hamas terrorists.

“For many weeks we hoped and prayed for Guy’s return, but today we were informed that he will not return again,” Mor Metro-West High School in Ra’anana wrote in a Facebook post.

No details were provided regarding how he died and when. There was no confirmation from the Israel Defense Forces, which on Friday announced the deaths of several other Israelis who were abducted into Gaza.

According to the school, Iluz is the sixth Mor Metro-West alumnus to have been killed since October 7.

“Guy was a man of love, happiness and laughter,” the school added. “Music accompanied Guy all his life until the day of his death.”

Iluz, a soundman for Israeli musicians Matti Caspi, Shalom Hanoch and others, tried to flee from the terrorists together with four friends in his white jeep. He called his father, Michel Iluz.

“Dad, Dad, I love you,” said Guy. 
“I wanted to tell you I love you
if something happens to me.”


Rest in peace talented musician,
we will never forget you.

Blood Avenge

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Alonet Zarum said...

Well Done Lea for organising and to all the folks who came out to support.