Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Hear May-May Roo

For Forever: It is with great sorrow that Abq Jew confirms that his beloved greyhound May-May has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, at the age of 14 years, 9 months, and 10 days. 


That is indeed an amazingly "ripe old age" for a greyhound. And although it sounds like May-May had many wonderful years with us - in fact, we were together for only seven years.

Retired racing greyhound May-May was found by the side of an Albuquerque road sometime in 2015; her owner could not be identified or located. 

She was rescued by New Mexico Greyhound Connection (as was Belle), adopted by an elderly lady who surely loved her - but who had to return May-May when she moved to assisted living.

That was about a year after Henry passed (August 10, 2015; See Henry Run). On September 26, 2016, Belle welcomed May-May as her slightly older sister. They were together (and later, with Ziggy) until Belle passed (September 10, 2020; see See Belle Run).

Where, oh where, was May-May during her first six-and-a-half years? She never told us. Her ear tattoos seemed to be for a different dog, most likely from the same litter. And most certainly male.

Yes, May-May was assuredly raised with boys. She was the only bitch (that's a technical term) Mr & Mrs Abq Jew have known who lifted her leg to pee. She loved rubbing the side of our house; getting her butt scratched; and barking. And rooing. And just being with us.

And yes, May-May required special treatment - which Mr & Mrs Abq Jew knew when we adopted her. She was seven and a half then - our oldest rescue. And we planned things so that May-May was never the only dog in our home.

May-May Of Blessed Memory

Above all else, May-May was sweet and gentle. All she asked for was a little bit of love, every now and then - too much was too much. To sleep right next to Mrs Abq Jew's bed every night, and to awaken there, happy, every morning.

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Anonymous said...

My condolences for the loss of May-May. It sounds like she had a loving owner :)