Friday, February 4, 2011

More Einstein's, More Happiness

Hot Bagel News:  Megan Kamerick reports in New Mexico Business Weekly that  Einstein’s franchisees are planning a big bagel expansion in New Mexico.
Natalie Palmer’s journey to bagel franchising started with a simple desire for an Einstein Bros. Bagels on Albuquerque’s Westside.
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[Sandia Bagel Partners LLC], the first Einstein’s franchisee in New Mexico, plans to open their first franchise store by June near Osuna Road and Interstate 25 in Albuquerque. ... Another site will be near the Costco store across from Cottonwood Mall.
This is great news, and a terrific way to start Adar (OK, Adar Alef).  As the Talmud states:  "Meshenichnas Adar Marbin Besimcha" - "When the month of Adar enters, happiness is increased".  So what if we have to wait until Adar Bet for Purim - let's have two Adars' worth of happiness!

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