Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uniquely American, Uniquely Jewish

Jewgrass in Jersey:  Last year, back at Mo Fiddles in New Jersey, Abq Jew had the privilege of meeting Jerry Wicentowski and Marc Edelstein of Lucky Break, a band of veteran bluegrass performers who combine the stark beauty of Appalachian music with Shabbat Z’mirot (Sabbath songs).

Lucky Break brings a traditional and expressive voice to bluegrass while providing a fresh approach to the songs of the Sabbath. Once you hear the rockabilly influence on “Shalom Aleichem” and the Celtic flavor of “Tzur Mishelo” you’ll never think of Shabbat Z’mirot the same way again. 

It's just not often (not often enough, Abq Jew says) that bluegrass, rockabilly, and Shabbos are mentioned in the same paragraph.  Just listen to this!

Shown here are Drew Carson on mandolin, Marc Edelstein on bass, band leader Jerry Wicentowski on guitar, and Jon Peik on banjo.

Although based in Chicagoland, Lucky Break does tour.  In fact, at a recent NYC gig, Kenny Kosek and Barry Mitterhoff of the Klezmer Mountain Boys (et al) joined Jerry and Marc on stage.  Abq Jew is just waiting for his chance . . .  .

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