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CU Later, Agitator!

Keffiyeh Karen Calls Out Columbia: There were an awful lot of awful things that happened this year during Pesach - most notably (for us in the US), the takeover and occupation of several university campuses by what our always-perceptive news media called "pro-Palestinian protestors."

But we know who they really were.

We'll talk about all that (well, some of that) later. But let's start with The Big Question that The Jerusalem Post has asked: 

The Jewish Lion
Is Musafa* Jewish?
* You know, from Disney's Lion King

Parallels between Mufasa and Jewish scripture suggest he is, the Jerusalem Post Staff recently claimed.
In Disney's "The Lion King," the animal kingdom echoes ancient Jewish tales louder than you might think. While the beloved 1994 animation is celebrated for its originality, it's hard not to notice the deep connections it shares with stories from the Torah.
And to prove it, said Staff returned us to the original 2019 Kveller article by Lior Zaltzman.

Lion King Jewish

‘The Lion King’ Is Totally Inspired
by These Jewish Biblical Figures

This is important. Musafa: The Lion King - a prequel to the 2019 remake of the original 1994 film - is scheduled to be released in December. 

And we've got to be ready.

Not Really Urgent

OK. So it's not really urgent. But those images of Jewish Lions are really nice, and give us hope for the future. 

Unlike, say, for example, the unfortunately-named

Johanna King Slutzky
Johanna King-Slutzky

Ms King-Slutzky has - again, unfortunately - achieved her Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame by speaking to the press on the morning after some students and some others occupied Columbia University's Hamilton Hall.

During which she demanded that Columbia provide food and water to those students and others. And during which she declined to provide her name. But c'mon - the Internet (Jordan Schachtel of The Dossier) found her. 

What Ms King-Sltzky said - and, just as important, what she sounded like - is making the rounds all over the Web. Here is The New York Post's take.
Keffiyeh Karen whines for glass of water, proving pro-terror students are total weaklings

Uh, excuse me, imperialist-Zionist running dogs — could we please have a glass of water?

Sounds like a parody of leftist whining, but amazingly, it isn’t. 

A protester at Columbia University, after her pro-terror cadre broke into and occupied the school’s Hamilton Hall on Tuesday, actually, literally said to the press: “Like, could people please have a glass of water?”

She added: “Do you want students to die of dehydration and starvation?”

The Red Army held out at Leningrad for years despite facing famine; if the Zoomer leftists of today miss one afternoon snacktime, they start seeing the Grim Reaper. 

The peckish pro-Palestinian had previously pouted that the Hamilton occupiers were “asking for a commitment from Columbia for food and water to be brought in.”

In other words: Yes, we’ll break into and illegally seize campus buildings, but you’d better let the Uber Eats guy through. We’ve got a nonexistent genocide to impotently whine about, and that requires beaucoup calories. 

How about a new chant: Globalize the Intifada! Avocado and burrata!

That this hungry hungry Hamasnik is a weedy grad student whose studies reportedly aim at applying a “Marxian lens” to romantic literature completes the bleakly hilarious picture.  

Her demands are of a piece with the whining about amnesty over their illegal actions common among her fellow protesters.

A clear sign that these red-black-and-green diaper babies are in way over their heads, for all their tiers-mondiste tough talk. 

Johanna King Slutzky

The PostMillennial also reported on the incident.

Columbia PhD student accuses school administrators of wanting 'students to die of dehydration and starvation' in occupied campus building

A protester at Columbia University spoke out on Tuesday and delivered the demands of those occupying Hamilton Hall on the school's Morningside campus. The protester was identified as Johanna King-Slutsky, who has been a campus activist at least since 2021. She was with the Student Workers of Columbia and is a PhD student in English and Comparative Literature. 

"Why should the university be obligated to provide food to people who've taken over a building?" She was asked. Officers would move onto the campus later that evening.

"Well uh first of all we're saying that they should be obligated to provide food for students who pay for a meal plan here." Press was later blocked from campus.

And was able to add a bit of Ms King-Slutzky's background. She had been listed on Columbia's website as a PhD student on Tuesday morning, but by evening, that page was missing. Her biography read 

My dissertation is on fantasies of limitless energy in the transatlantic Romantic imagination from 1760-1860. 

My goal is to write a prehistory of metabolic rift, Marx’s term for the disruption of energy circuits caused by industrialization under capitalism. 

I am particularly interested in theories of the imagination and poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens in order to update and propose an alternative to historicist ideological critiques of the Romantic imagination. 

Prior to joining Columbia, I worked as a political strategist for leftist and progressive causes and remain active in the higher education labor movement.

The End

In conclusion, Abq Jew would like to remind you, his loyal readers, that he is a not a proud graduate of the Columbia University School of Engineering, which (unlike, say, Columbia College) does not have a swimming requirement. But which is strategically located right there on Broadway and 116th Street.

He is, however, an acknowledged graduate of the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science. He also attended the University of California at Davis. When it comes to protesting - Abq Jew has been there and has done that. 

And Abq Jew is delighted to share his feelings about all those Pesach protests.


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