Wednesday, April 17, 2024

It's Pesach 5784!

Passover Is Almost Here: A time to gather with our friends and family, to celebrate our Holiday of Freedom. And freedom, we must realize, is never - ever - to be taken lightly.

Passover Table

Neither should friends and family be taken lightly. And yes, Abq Jew reiterates this especially in light of the hideous attack by the Islamic Republic of Iran on the State of Israel. As South African author Howard Feldman has noted:

Saturday Night

Saturday night? We haven't slept well - or hardly at all - since October 7th. Alas, there will be empty places at our Seder tables this year.

Let My People Go

And thus ,as we approach Passover 2024 / Pesach 5784, we carry on. In the now-famous words of every Jewish Bubbe and Zayde in the world:

Iron Dome

They tried to kill us.
They failed.
Let's eat!

And what would Passover be without videos? Abq Jew here thoughtfully provides three (3) of the classics. You're welcome!

1. Google Exodus: Best. Passover. Video. Ever.

2. Passover Rhapsody: Second. Best. Passover. Video. Ever.

3. The Passover Prank. Best. Passover. Prank. Video. Ever.

For parents who (especially) miss their kids on Pesach.
Who know that Skype is never enough.

And as the Seders approach, Abq Jew must (he must! he must!) take this opportunity to remind us all that Good News, Salvation and Comfort are just one (1) Pesach visitor away.

Echad Mi Yodaya
Tonight Could Be The Night!

At our Pesach seders
we Jews have been opening our doors to Elijah for thousands of years.

We still believe that Elijah the Prophet will return tonight
and announce the Coming of the Messiah.

When that happens, our first question will be:

Did Elijah remember to send out a press release?

If he did — you may learn the Good News in a few days or weeks.
But you can always hear about Salvation and Comfort at &
Your guide to Jewish life in Albuquerque and beyond

A Zissen Pesach, Albuquerque!
Chag Kasher veSameach, New Mexico!

Happy Passover

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