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Quilting Patterns

On the Tree of Life: Long a powerful image in Jewish tradition, the Tree of Life has come to represent Torah, deep roots, and immortality. More than that - the passing down of tradition through the generations. 

Tree of Life

March is Women's History Month, and March 8th - this Friday - is International Women's Day.

In which we are reminded (see below) that women have forever quilted the Tree of Life for us, on our behalf. Jewish women in general - and Israeli Jewish women in particular - will, as always, observe these occasions. 

But this year - they will do so from a distance.

UN Finds

After five months of silence, the United Nations has issued a 24-page report that finds evidence of rape on October 7th and after. And that there’s “clear and convincing” evidence showing that hostages were raped while being held in Gaza, and that those currently held captive are still facing such abuse.

President Isaac Herzog

Israel's President Isaac Herzog has issued this statement:
The report issued by UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten, and her team is of immense importance. 
It substantiates with moral clarity and integrity the systematic, premeditated, and ongoing sexual crimes committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli women. 
Hamas and its allies are trying to discredit the report, to escape from this horrific shame. They will not succeed as the testimonies are shocking indeed. 
Therefore, now the world must react strongly by condemning and punishing Hamas. 

Stand With Us 

We must all continue our relentless efforts to bring all the hostages home to their families. 
As we can learn from the report they are constantly under clear and present danger.
Run for Their Lives

In conjunction with International Women's Day, our ABQ chapter of Run For Their Lives - which leads a weekly run / walk for the immediate release of our hostages - will hold a special event on Sunday, March 10th.

International Women's Day

The theme of this year's International Women's Day is 'Inspire Inclusion'. But Abq Jew wonders - as he is sure you wonder, too - 

Are Jewish women invited?

Mara Levine

We must hope. 

In that spirit, Mara Levine - one of Abq Jew's favorite singers (see January 2021's You Reap What You Sow) - has just dropped (as they say) Tree of Life, a new video from her Facets of Folk album.

Of which she says:
March is National Quilt Month and Women's History Month. The 18th is Quilt Day!
In America, quilting is a representation of the fusion of several cultural traditions, including Indigenous people, African American, and European. Every tradition contributes to and borrows from this art form, which continues to evolve, often incorporating social themes.
The song was written by Eric Peltoniemi for the 1983 play "Plain Hearts: Songs and Stories of Midwestern Prairie Women.”  The first two verses consist entirely of the names of quilt block patterns.
Featuring Mara Levine, Caroline Cutroneo (Guitar/Vocals); Hillary Foxsong (Vocals); John Guth (Bass); and Ed Trickett, of blessed memory (hammered dulcimer).
Blind Man's Fancy

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